Test Bay

ITT Blakers Test Loop has been designed to meet the requirements of AS2417- 2001 and Hydraulic Institute Standards, with particular emphasis on testing to API 610.

For Overhauled or Re-rated pumping equipment we are able to offer witnessed or non-witnessed Performance and NPSH testing that shall show the actual performance of the serviced equipment.

A performance curve showing flow, head, power, efficiency and NPSH shall be supplied with the test, along with temperatures, noise levels and vibration levels (FFT spectrum) if specified.

Our Engineering team are available to discuss any of your testing requirements.

The following details specific testing capabilities:
  1. Test Bay flows to 2100 m3/hr and heads to 200m and up to 350bar are possible with engineered test pieces for specific high pressure testing.
  2. Motors to 300kW can be started and speed controlled via an ABB VVVF drive. Testing above 300kW is possible using medium and high voltage motors and an external power supply.
  3. Vibration analysis utilizing Pruftechnic Vibscanner incorporating FFT spectrum analysis.
  4. Noise analysis utilizing Larson Davis Soundtrack LxT2 sound level meter.
  5. NPSH testing via vacuum suppression.
  6. Vertical turbine (VS1), vertical can (VS6) and sub mersible pumps can be tested utilizing our 9.0m sump.